Sourced from New Zealand, the land of manuka, this organic honey is the best way to benefit from two of nature’s most enriching superfoods in one go. Our monoflower raw manuka honey is infused with black seed extracts and packed with nutrients, bioactives and antioxidants that keep the mind and body healthy.

Manuka and Black Seed Honey is the first product of its kind. It is fully natural and devoid of any artificial preservatives. At Nature’s Blends, we use gentle extraction methods to obtain our honey. This ensures that each jar is raw, unfiltered and high in pollen content.

Raw Manuka and Black Seed blend is a high-quality specialty honey with an MGO rating of 263+. That makes it perfect for health and beauty applications. Add to your beverages, lick up a spoonful or include it in your face mask: the choice is yours!


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