about mr bee

The Mr Bee Mission

Driven by a passion for fostering a harmonious bond between nature and humanity, our mission at Mr. Bee’s is to support the vitality of bees while enriching the lives of our community. We aim to cultivate a deeper connection between people and these remarkable creatures, advocating for a more spiritual and healthy lifestyle through this symbiotic relationship.

Meet Mr. Bee: The Story Bee-Hind The Hive​

Hello, I’m Jon A.K.A. Mr. Bee! My journey in beekeeping began during my childhood in Connecticut. Back then, we used to take our poodle to a charming farm in the countryside for grooming. The farm’s owner was a beekeeper, and I vividly remember watching his bees and purchasing honey from him. It sparked my curiosity about bees and ignited a desire to explore this fascinating hobby.

The idea of having a pet in a box that not only provided honey but also other beneficial products seemed incredibly appealing. As I grew older, my fascination with bees continued to grow. In 2013, I was fortunate to make friends who shared my interest in beekeeping. They introduced me to the Pinellas County Beekeeping Club, our local organization for beekeepers. This connection ignited a fire within me and intensified my desire to have my own bees. 

Eager to learn more, I delved into extensive research and eventually built a Kenyan top bar hive, which seemed ideal for my situation. I placed the hive on the roof of my shed and lured a swarm of bees to set up their home in it by using attractants. This incredible experience marked the beginning of my addiction to beekeeping. 

It was like Lay’s potato chips—once you start, you can’t stop with just one! Beekeeping quickly became a profoundly spiritual practice for me, offering solace in the midst of my hectic life. Realizing the profound impact bees and beekeeping had on me, I began to envision a future where I could turn this passion into a business. 

My goal was to not only assist the bees but also to contribute to the well-being of people in my community, promoting a more spiritual and healthy lifestyle through their connection with these incredible creatures. 

At Mr Bee, I am dedicated to helping both bees and individuals in our community thrive. Join me on this extraordinary journey where we can explore the wonders of beekeeping together and embrace the countless benefits it brings to our lives.